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Take the Scare Out of Your Hair

November 26, 2019

Tips for the Anxious First-Time Wig Wearer

You’ve chosen your new wig, and it’s sitting there waiting to become part of your day-to-day life. However, if you are one of the millions of women reaching for a wig for medical reasons, perhaps alopecia or due to the rigors of chemotherapy, considering your first day out in your new tresses might have you up all night. Fear not! From coffee to bedtime, we have your day covered, so you can go about your life confidently and comfortably.

Set Your Alarm

You won’t need extra time every day (in fact, many wig wearers fall in love with their new, much quicker routines), but padding that first day with 20 or 30 extra minutes will help you remain calm and relaxed. If you’re particularly anxious, use that time to wander about the house, sip your morning coffee, and wrap up some small chores, all the while allowing yourself to ease into the wig. Once it’s time to head for the door, you may even forget you have it on!

Do a Little Dance

When you have your wig securely positioned on your head, break out your best moves. If you can dance a jig around the kitchen without your wig shifting, you will be able to sashay that confidence right out the door.

Schedule a Mid-Day Wig Break

Getting used to all-day wig wearing can take some time. If you find your scalp gets itchy or distressed mid-day, take a few minutes to remove it and spritz or pat your scalp with organic witch hazel. Filling a travel-size spray bottle and keeping it in your bag will keep this easy and quick. Be sure to allow your scalp time to dry before you don your wig again. Does your schedule allow you to carve out a few people-free hours in the middle of the day? If so, take advantage of the chance to let everything breathe.

Find Your Words

Many wig wearers begin receiving compliments on their new ‘do immediately from co-workers, friends, or strangers. While these accolades are often wonderful to receive, it can also take new wig wearers by surprise and leave them a little flustered, struggling with conflicting emotions. Decide ahead of time how you will respond, practice a few variations in your head, and never forget the gracefulness of a simple, concise “thank you.”

Relax Your Neck and Shoulders

The new wig-wearing experience might cause you to unconsciously tense your shoulders and neck as you go about your day. Keep this in mind, and take a break from time to time to wiggle and stretch your arms and neck to keep things loose.

Put Your Feet Up

When your first day of wig wearing has come to an end, gently take it off, shake it out and place it on a wig stand to keep its shape. Your scalp will appreciate another spritz of the witch hazel, and you might find that a warm heating pad across your neck and shoulders does a world of good. Then put your feet up, and celebrate that you’ve checked off your first wig-wearing day. Perhaps even plan to reward yourself after a couple weeks by scheduling a professional massage!

Ask the Pros

Don’t forget—the pros at your The Wig Shop in Murrells Inlet are here to help, you can call us at 843-651-4504.  We are a great resource of tips and tricks for easing into the wig-wearing world. No matter how you go about it, know you’ve got this, girl! We promise, you’ll be in love with your new look in no time.  xo Karen

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